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Top 10 games for emulator

There are too many games to play in emulator but today we are talking about the top 10 games for the emulator. All the games which are available in the over list are free and available in the Google play store and these games are the most famous in the gaming community.

What is an emulator?

The emulator is a computer program/app which allows playing mobile games on the computer there are many types of the emulator which are available on the internet if you want to read about it click hereĀ»(Top Best pubg emulators for gamers)

1.PUBG MOBILE (pubg)

This a trading game that is playing most in emulator and mobile because of its unique idea and its realistic graphics. This is an open-world battle royal game so first chooses of emulator gamers this game is also available for computer gamers its name is PUBG PC but it is too hard to play.

The size of pubg mobile is 1.9 GB so it doesn’t work on low-end devices and computers with having only 1 GB RAM. So you must have 2 or 3 GB RAM available on your computer.

* All about game

As you know pubg is an online open-world game. Its idea is there are 100 online players which play this game together and if you want to win the game so you must service this game till the end so you get the title of (Winer Winer Chaikin denier).

This game is free to download but it has also the option of Royal-pass which gives you the title of the premium player. If you purchase Royal pass you can also get premium dress skins of guns and vehicles. There are two types of Royal pass one is available in 600 UC and another one is in 1800 UC.

UC is an in-game purchasing coin and it is purchased with real money with the use of ATM cards or online money. There are many types of PUBG which are available in many countries such as pubg Chinese, pubg Tavan and pubg global which are working in all over the world.

Download PUBG Mobile

if you want to download PUBG mobile in your emulator so click here

2. Fortnight

This also comes in the most played gamers in the emulator. There is also two types of this game one are fortnight pc and fortnight mobile but both pc and mobile player play with each other at the same time. This game is also famous in streamers.

Most of the streamers stream it on twitch and the same stream on YouTube. Most people don’t like this game because of its graphics like cartoon games.

Download Fortnight

If you want to download Fortnight click here

3. Freefire

Freefire also comes in the list of Top 10 games for the emulator. Because it is is also a love of new gamers. It is also a betrayal game. This game is available in the Google play store. Its size is only 480 MB.

This game also has a purchasing coin called dimmed. It has also royal-pass that you purchase with the help of a diamond.

Download Freefire

If you want to download Freefire in your emulator so click here

4. 8 Ball Pool

This game is the life of pool loves so we add it in over Top 10 games for emulator list. As a name, it is a pool game. It has different types of challenges in it. Millions of the player are playing this game regularly.

This game is also available in the Google play store. Its size is only 53 MBs. It game is also has paid coin which is bought with real money.

Download 8 Ball Pool

If you want to download 8 Ball Pool in your emulator so click here

5. World circuit championship 2

This game is the hart of circuit loves. So we add this in the list of Top 10 games for the emulator. This game is famous for all ages of players. This game has all modes like a real circuit.

It is also offline and online modes so you can play it without the internet. It also has all country plays and national songs. It also gives you a player customization options. This game is available on Google play store.

Its size is only 374 MBs. This game sports all kinds of Android mobiles. and it is free to play. It sport all the language like English Spanish Hindi Urdu and many more.

Download World circuit championship 2

If you want to download World circuit championship 2 so click here

6. Asphalt 8

This game is graphics are realistic and it is a fully customizable game so it is in the list of top 10 games for the emulator. This game is the first choice of racing game lovers. Asphalt 8 is available on both modes FTP TTP first person and third person.

This game is also played online and offline easily and this game is freely available on Google play store. The size of this game is in the size of 1.9 GB. This is also my favorite game. This game is like a need for speed game in Android.

Download Asphalt 8

If you want to download Asphalt 8 in your emulator so click here


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